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Fast Growth

We are one of the fastest growing commercial paint contractors in the Niagara Region. In the beginning, we focused on learning the proper techniques in conventional painting from our colleagues in the field. Once we mastered those, we began branching out into different application methods – line painting, airless and textured spray to name a few.

A major part of our growth is our determination to have the most professional and reliable employees around. It’s taken a few years to get our crew to the level it is, but well worth it! Our goal, despite our rapid growth, is to maintain a standard of excellence in our service and customer satisfaction.

Management Crew

Additionally, we strive to set ourselves apart from the competition in these key areas:  

Dependability – You can be certain that our crew will be there when scheduled and working hard at your project.

Product knowledge – With our vast knowledge of coating products and relationship with brand representatives, no matter what condition the substrate or type of project you have, you can rest assured that we will use coatings that will provide a lasting and quality finish.

Communication – We always make certain our crew leaders and project managers have effective communication skills.  Our emails, phones and voicemails are checked regularly, so that our customers feel secure in knowing how their project is going.  

Flexibility – Whether you are a commercial, residential or institutional customer, we offer scheduling to meet your needs.

Lindsay Neilson, Special Projects and Marketing

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