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Safety Is Number 1!

Safety on the job site can make or break a project.  If our crew does not follow the established procedures, an avalanche of issues could occur. 

For instance -

If Johnny does not check the scaffolding to make sure all of the joints are secure, when Billy begins working while standing on it, it could crumble beneath his feet.  Billy falls, breaking his arm and spilling paint all over the newly finished hardwood floors.  So not only do we have a huge mess to clean up, our client is extremely upset, the general contractor we are working under is regretting his decision to use us (and most likely never will again), and we have an injured crew leader, who usually oversees four to five jobs a week, that we somehow have to replace on a short term basis.

It’s amazing how one little step, when overlooked, can cause such a huge kerfuffle.

In order to avoid an incident such as mentioned above, we always take job site safety seriously.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal agency that sets the standards to be followed at the workplace.  For the construction industry, there are guidelines as to which personal protective equipment (PPE) OSHA requires at each different job site environment.  Our staff consistently keeps up to date with new protocols, ensuring our sites and crews meet both PPE and workplace standards at all times.

We make certain our crews are certified in Fall Arrest, Aerial Platform and First Aid. We have slip-resistant safety shoes or boots, hard hats and safety goggles or glasses at every project site.  Other safety measures are taken on an as needed basis.  For example, we use respirators when using airless spray guns.  Furthermore, caution tape, construction fencing, pylons, etc.  are not needed on every job, but we have them handy just in case.

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