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Our Newest Service, Sanitization

It’s our experience that when someone hears “Air Painters”, their thoughts about what we do start going down the path of painting, with either a brush and roller, or sprayer, with various products – and they’d be right! However, Air Painters has branched out even further, and we have gotten our hands on a Graco Sani Sprayer HP 65. Because we are not just about paint and epoxies that protect surfaces, we are about helping make life better wherever, and however we can.

This machine can use disinfectants, sanitizers, and deodorizers and our preferred product is Airx Spray N Go Disinfectant which we get from Flexo in Niagara Falls, ON. It boasts 99.9% effective in 5 seconds, kills microorganisms on soft surfaces, as well as being dye and fragrance free. These benefits make it ideal for using in hospitals and health care facilities, veterinarian offices, gyms and athletic facilities, beauty salons and barber shops, funeral homes, schools, and daycares. Quite frankly, this is a short list of areas these products can be useful.

Using Spray N Go, makes things consistent, as well as convenient. There is not any mixing of products, which means you do not end up with diluted product and an ineffective job. Spray N Go is literally that, you pour it into the machine hopper and pull the trigger! It is so easy, and almost as satisfying as pressure washing.

Of course, no manner of sanitization can beat any virus/illness if people are not willing to do their individual part, such as ensuring proper handwashing hygiene – maybe even kick it up a notch or two. It is a team effort, and to keep everyone safe, each person needs to take responsibility for themselves to help ensure the safety of others.

So, give us a call, tell us about your sanitization needs and let us see if we can meet them!

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