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Line Painting

If creating more parking spots or new road lines went through your mind, you wouldn't be wrong. Nor would you be wrong if you had thought “repainting safety lines or fire exits, organization and sports fields”, to name a few other applications.

You’re not even limited to lines! Here at Air Painters we can have custom stencils created so we can tailor the design to what you need, whether interior or exterior – we’ve got you covered.

We understand keeping your parking lot closed off isn’t ideal, which is why we try our best to get the work done as efficiently as possible, while still maintaining our high standard of quality. Our preferred product for asphalt is Sherwin Williams Solvent Base Fast Set Traffic Paint, however the choice of product is based on where it will be applied; with several applications being waterborne traffic paint. Interior lines are usually done with an epoxy, after the layout or design has been taped.



Whether interior or exterior, insufficient surface preparation is usually the catalyst of chipping or flaking finishes down the road. Depending on your surface, it may just need to be power washed, or it may require something a bit more heavy duty, such as acid etching concrete to remove calcium sulphate, which will also roughen the surface to allow the product to grip better. This method is never used on asphalt as it would ruin the surface.

Spring and summer are the best months to have this kind of work done, especially after snowploughs may have done a number to areas over the winter. For exterior work, the surface must be clear, dry and above 5 degrees Celsius for best results. Application methods vary from brushing and rolling taped lined to using a Graco LineLazers. 

Each situation is different, give us a call to come quote your line painting needs!

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