About Us

AIr Painters OwnerAnders Ireborg, born and raised in Sweden, first took an interest in construction during DIY renovation projects with his father in the family home.  After settling in Canada at the age of 16, he worked on many small painting projects for friends and family.  In 1999 he began his full-time painting career, and studied the trade learning conventional painting in custom new homes.  Then in September 2003, he established Air Painters and expanded his interest into the areas of airless application methods and epoxy coatings.

We maintain one of the largest staff for commercial painters in the area, handling multiple large-scale projects at any given time.  With an extensive knowledge of various products, we are able to meet the needs of clients in the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and Residential realms.

Our Promise:

    • Accurate and Competitive Quotes
    • Liability Coverage
    • WSIB Insured
    • Aerial and Fall Safety Tickets
    • Access to a Network of Skilled Tradesmen
    • Clean and Tidy Job Sites
    • Strong Product Knowledge
    • Vast Product Availability
    • References Available Upon Request
  • Our Painting Fleet

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